Every family member in business will have their own temperament, values, vision, capability and seniority in the family hierarchy.

This Family Business Program is an offsite family retreat designed to strengthen teamwork  and build a legacy for generations to come.  

Family Business Program (FBP):

Building a house that lasts 

  • Family Business Program weaves the family together into a dream team by aligning their values and vision. And builds empathy, trust & respect by developing a shared understanding of each other’s temperament and functional capabilities.
  • Creating a Family Charter: A family charter becomes necessary when you move beyond a unilateral decision-maker – the founder. Once owners multiply into the second and third generations, it becomes critical to have clear, agreed statements about the family’s core values, roles & responsibilities, compensation principles and governance policies.
  • Coach, Mentor & Sounding Board: Founders have no one with whom to discuss sensitive family governance areas of concern. FBP helps the founders think through these sensitive concern area in our capacity as coach, mentor and sounding board. Also by sharing best practices of successful families. 

An interactive free flowing program about family business management, leadership, ownership, governance, teamwork,  change management and life planning.