Every family member in business will understandably have their own temperament, values, vision, capability and seniority in the family hierarchy. Weaving them into a team which works harmoniously to take the company forward can be a challenge for any founder.

Offer 3 Family Business Advisory services:

Advisory Services to Founder:

Founders have no one to discuss sensitive family businesses matters like next gen induction, succession, allocation of roles & responsibilities and Family Charter. This advisory service hand holds & helps the founder in the area of family business governance.

Best Practices of Successful Business Families:

What is the secret sauce that holds a business family together generation after generation?

All family members in business participate in this program where as a group you reflect and brainstorm best practices of successful business & evaluate which of them can best be applied in your family business. You all step out of day to day operations to take a bird’s eye view of where you all are heading long term. It is an exercise in reflection which aligns the thinking of family members.

Family Business Program:

An off-site family retreat. This is an interactive free flowing program with all family members in business about family business management, leadership, ownership, governance and teamwork.

This off-site family retreat has been designed to clear the air, open up channels of communication, build a climate of transparency, trust and respect, and build consensus on the way forward by creating a Family Charter.

A family charter becomes necessary when you move beyond a sole decision maker – the founder. Once owners multiply into the second and third generations, it becomes critical to have clear, agreed statements about the family’s core values, roles & responsibilities, compensation principals and governance polices.