Every family member in business will have their own temperament, values, vision, capability and seniority in the family hierarchy.

How can you get them to work in harmony and take the family business to new heights?


Family Unity for Business Growth 

Family Business Program

  • The program starts with a one on one meeting with every family member in business to understand their vision, aspirations and concerns.
  • It is followed by an easy “sleeves-rolled-up” interactive off-site Family Retreat which is designed to build a climate of transparency, trust and respect, and find consensus on the way forward.
  • Agenda: Sharing best practices of successful business families, diagnosis of crossed wires and co-creation of a Family Charter.
  • A Family Charter documents how the family would like to make decisions, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and govern their organization.

  • Organization structure and roles & responsibilities – does this meet the professional & personal goals of every family member?
  • An interactive free flowing discussion about family business management, leadership, ownership, governance, change management and life planning.

Overall a transformational experience which builds empathy, unites the family, and aligns  thinking on roles & responsibilities.