Family Business Program

Managing succession, next-generation induction and family unity is a complex, emotional and difficult task that most business families find difficult to navigate.  

This program is required at the critical juncture when you move beyond a sole decision maker — the founding entrepreneur. Once owners multiply into the second and third generations, power and authority need to be shared across generations. Now it becomes critical to have clear views about the family’s core values, goals and criteria for leadership. And most importantly the authority, responsibility & compensation of every family member.

The program starts with a one on one meeting with every family member in business to understand their vision, aspirations and concerns. 

This is followed by an interactive “sleeves rolled up" off-site Family Retreat which is designed to clear the air, open up channels of communication, build a climate of transparency, trust and respect and find consensus on the way forward. This is done by diagnosing the crossed wires, sharing best practices of successful business families and co-creating a Family Charter. Overall this is a transformational  experience which builds empathy, brings families closer and aligns their thinking on roles & responsibilities and succession planning.