Workshop Objectives:

This 2-day Workshop is designed to align the thinking of the leadership team and strengthen collaboration, teamwork & transparency across functions by building on a platform of interdependency and trust.

Questions this Workshop will address:

  • It is normal, healthy and desirable for a talented group of professionals to have independent and divergent views on strategic challenges facing the organisation. How can one nurture and harness the diversity of views within the leadership team and align it with the organization’s goals?
  • How can one build a culture which fosters cross – pollination of ideas regardless of function, hierarchy or rank?
  • What is the right balance between “command and control” and “trust and track” leadership styles? How can you balance tactical and adaptive performance? How can you make your culture a powerful competitive advantage?
  • By over focusing on operational & financial targets – all worthy business imperatives – does your organization end up undermining creativity and innovation?
  • Is there clarity and consensus in the leadership team on the challenges facing the organization?