If you are the promoter of a successful established family run business and are:

  • Struggling to scale up your business and feeling exhausted managing day to day operations
  • Finding it difficult to hire and retain professionals
  • Losing control due to fast growth
  • Facing conflict between professionals and your old guard loyalists
  • Facing problems in delivering quality consistently

This 100 day 4 step plan to professionalise & scale up is designed to help you resolve these problems.

Once companies achieve a certain size and scale, typically after they cross the 500 employee mark, the founder is not able to manage the organization with the same leadership style that worked well during the start up phase. Now systems, processes and a framework need to put in place to be able to manage the growth and complexity. At this stage of its lifecycle the organization needs to shift from entrepreneurial management to professional management.

Partners 4 Growth has developed a 4 Step Plan to help promoters manage this phase of their journey to professionalize and scale up the business.