We advise founders on managing a multi generational Family Business. Help the Family build consensus about the family’s core values, roles and responsibilities, compensation principles, and governance policies through an off-site family retreat and co – creation of a Family Charter.


Advise leading Family Businesses on Next Generation Induction, Succession, Family Unity, Mediation, resolution of family conflicts, and professionalization of family businesses.

Family Business Program
Helping Business families manage next gen induction, succession and internal conflict
High Performance culture
Companies with strong cultures typically deliver 2 to 3 times higher returns to shareholders
Speaker Services
Founding partner Harsh Chopra has delivered knowledge sessions to more than 1000 CEOs of Family Managed Businesses across 10 cities
CEO Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Less than 30% of family businesses worldwide successfully pass on the baton to the second generation. What can I do to improve our chances of success?

This Family Business Program is designed to open up channels of communication, build a climate of transparency,  trust and respect within the family and build consensus on the way forward.

How exactly does this program work?

This is done through an off-site Family Retreat which is designed to open up channels of communication, build a climate of transparency, trust and respect and build consensus on the way forward. This is done by sharing best practices of successful business families and co-creating the framework of a Family Charter. A transformational experience which brings families closer and aligns their thinking on roles & responsibilities.

Why do I need a Family Charter when family relationships are great?

A Family Charter paves the way for long term family harmony   by laying down guidelines and creating an enduring legacy for generations to come.